Lit Chat #5

What book would you love to see made as a movie or television series? Who would you want to make that movie or television series? Pick your dream cast!

need the SoC duology made into a movie/television series ASAP!

SoC was my introduction into the Grishaverse, and ever since I’ve entered that universe I’ve had this aching desire/NEED to see it on the big screen.

As for who would make it? I don’t have anyone specific in mind, my only request is for the team to have a close working relationship with Leigh, and maybe even allow her to be the screenwriter? (This may be far fetched, as I don’t know of any authors who screen write for their book’s film adaptations, but she’s an amazing writer 💞) If she’s intimately involved, I know it’ll absolutely be a work of art.

As for my dream cast…..

Kaz: A young Heath Ledger ❤ RIP!!! I could definitely imagine him with a cane heading seemingly impossible heists!


Inej: Sydney Park! I can so see her in a black hood as a gorgeous wraith :3


Nina: Kat Dennings! She’s curvy, dark haired, and absolutely gorgeous (just how I picture Nina to be)


Matthias: Charlie Hunnam… Our dearest Fjerdan!


Jesper: Keiynan Lonsdale, guns blazing!


Wylan: Cameron Monaghan ❤


I’d be first in line for this movie 😭 If you haven’t read the duology GO READ IT NOW!

(I saw books with bain doing this series (inspired by Laura and the books on her youtube channel) and I absolutely had to follow along! The questions are from the lit chat card pack and they’re such an awesome way to get into bookish conversation! Follow along if you like the idea as well 😍)



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