Lit Chat #6

What is the worst book you’ve ever read? Did you finish it? Why were you reading it in the first place? Is there a book you refuse to read because you’ll just hate it? Why? What genres do you avoid?


See….I hate talking bad about any book because I’m hyper aware of the hard work and love that goes into every single written page. However…there is one book that comes to mind 🙈 The worst book I’ve ever read was an independently published book I received (which shall remain unnamed) in the mail by an author who reached out to me.

It wasn’t my genre of choice to begin with (YA contemporary)…so that was the first ding. The second ding came not even a page in, with NUMEROUS typos. NUMEROUS! TYPOS! I couldn’t handle it. I DNF’d within the first few pages. And…that’s all I’ll say about that.

There isn’t a book I refuse to read in particular….but there are genres I don’t really pick up. I don’t read steam punk, horror, thrillers…I tend to stick to all things YA, and Romance/Erotica (there is no in between 😂). But tbh, if anyone has a good recommendation in ANY genre I am willing to give it a try 👍🏾 Leave me a suggestion in the comments 😍

(I saw books with bain doing this series (inspired by Laura and the books on her youtube channel) and I absolutely had to follow along! The questions are from the lit chat card pack and they’re such an awesome way to get into bookish conversation! Follow along if you like the idea as well 😍)


6 replies to “Lit Chat #6

  1. My least favorites are both books I had to read in high school. I disliked Huck Finn and The Sun Also Rises. I understand that both are great American reads, but Huck Finn was had to understand with the dialect, and The Sun Also Rises was SO boring. I like books with intense plots, so Hemingway is not always for me. However, I do appreciate these books for what they are and I still think they are worth reading. 🙂


    1. I definitely could have put Huck Finn on here…and a few other classics that were required in school. I totally feel you! I think literature across the public school spectrum needs to be updated with a more diverse reading list. I only ever really enjoyed 1984…. I wish we read more from African American/Latino Authors.


      1. Agree! The best book I read in high school was Native Son by Richard Wright. That one stands out to me as one of the few own voices stories I read for school. It’s a great book, but I wish I had more than that one to share!

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  2. If I had seen multiple typos I would have DNF’d as well… the only book I really hated was Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler – it had a lot of dark themes and violence that churned my stomach and made it hard to read. I couldn’t finish it, and I think hate is the wrong word but it’s the closest one I have currently.

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