Lit Chat #7

Do you finish every book you start? What makes you stop reading a book? Do you ever cheat and skip to the end of the book? Why do you do it?

Hell no I don’t finish every book I start! 😫😅 I wish such was the case, but if I absolutely ABHOR a book I have to DNF it. There are too many delicious books chanting my name from my TBR to continue reading a book that’s putting me to sleep/and or pissing me off lol. That being said, I do try to give every single book a fighting chance.

What makes me stop reading a book? hmm…Well, there are several things.

  1. If the beginning is too slow and it’s boring…….😴.  Hooks are EVERYTHING to me! Slow and boring, for me, can take the form of too much background information given at once (right at the beginning), spending PAGES talking about the setting (ugh), or long and unnecessary prologue type stuff. Of course, if done the right way, each of these things won’t pose an issue. Otherwise—-NEXT!
  2. It becomes unbelievably predictable.
  3. Random events that occur in the plot that make absolutely no sense, or ruin the overall plot.
  4. Weak or unbelievable characters.

Also, I have cheated and skipped to the end of a book 🙈 I hate that I do it…but if the conflict is getting too heated, and I’m about to have a panic attack, I absolutely have to see if things get resolved. To spare me a heart attack 😅 I guess there’s a part of me that finds comfort in knowing the fate of whoever or whatever I’m reading about. Especially when I know my heart is bound to be broken 😂




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