Lit Chat #8

Do you have a favorite picture book? What did you love most about it? Do you still read books meant for children or young adults? Why or why not?

Hells yeah I have a favorite picture book! My favorite picture book is “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein.


That wasn’t even hard to consider! Why? Because I adored that book, all the poems and illustrations were captivating to me as a child. They still are! And the whimsical artwork is my favorite part.

Do I still read YA books?–ALL I READ IS YA!


👺 Honestly! YA is my heart. I connect more with the characters and storylines, and I also plan on being a YA author myself 😏

As for children’s books, I still read those too. I have two young boys and I’m always reading picture books with them 🙂




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