Loving the Person You Are Today: This is Me by Chrissy Metz

“Are you on a plane? In a library? Oh no, is everyone looking at you? Good. Get used to it. You’re worthy of time, attention, and love. It might not be easy to accept it right now, but act as if it is. And soon, it will be.”

As I’ve said previously, I don’t need more reasons to love Chrissy Metz–and yet, HERE WE ARE 😭

This book is an intimate memoir that also serves as a self help book (to me anyway). Chrissy’s voice is gentle, quirky, and at the same time unapologetically directive. Reading it felt like conversing with an older sister, someone with years of wisdom and confidence beyond my own–telling me to get my shit together in the most loving way possible lol.

Chrissy discusses her childhood, family life, and outlines traumatic events that have shaped her into the force she is today. She touches on abuse, divorce, struggles with weight and self-identity, all of it. Her journey from Gainesville, FL to LA is (for lack of a better word) INSPIRING. As she tells her story she actively pushes you to reflect on your own hopes and dreams.

really had to sit back and marinate on my own dreams while reading. What have I let wither and die? What dreams are still tiny buds waiting to bloom? What’s holding me back from chasing them? Is it myself? How I worry about other people judging me?

I’m at such a rough place in my life right now, I’ve been starving creatively–in a sort of limbo trying to figure out the next few steps in my life. Chrissy’s words are a refreshing wave of positivity, a loving reminder that it’s never too late to ask the Universe for what you want.

On that note: If you’re on your journey, wherever that may be, I speak life onto you my friend 🙂 Pursue what you love. Prepare yourself for opportunities that have yet to come, and when they do, Go big or GO HOME! xoxo


If you like memoirs or are in need of some inspiration, pick this up 🙂

With Love, 


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