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Welcome to Redqw33nbooks!


 Hello all! I’m Toria, currently a Grad student, mom, & cookie monster. I’ve been considering whether or not to make a blog for a very long time. Reading is my first love, and I’ve always wanted an avenue to express how I feel about whatever book I’m munching on! So, after finally diving in —- here I am 🙂 I want to make it a point that this isn’t strictly a book blog, I’ll also rant about other things I like (such as Netflix…..and chocolate…possibly). I am so open to connecting with fellow bookworms! Feel free to follow my twitter and instagram!

NOTE: I am currently not open for reviews. My schedule is insane right now, and I just don’t have the time to accept many at the moment:( I’ve been bombarded and simply cannot respond to everyone who has requested. When I am open, I will update this page and also voice that on Twitter. Thank you for being so understanding <3.

What I read: 

  •  YA
    • Fantasy
    • Contemporary
    • Romance
    • Historical Fiction
    • Thriller
  • Adult
    • Fantasy
    • Romance/Erotica
    • Poetry
    • Popular/Mainstream fiction
    • Nonfiction-Memoirs/biographies

Rating System

I don’t really have a specific rating system. If I use stars, it’s from 1-5 stars. 1 being: I didn’t enjoy it, and 5 being: I BOUGHT THIS BOOK. Sometimes I won’t even rate the book I’ll just talk about it. It’s how my brain works 😉 There’s a method to this madness, I swear!

Thank you so much for stopping by ❤ I hope you do often! XOXO

With Love, 



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